Pech de Jammes Malbec Cahors


If Château Pech de Jammes could speak, it would tell us countless stories going back to the Middle Ages... However, there is a hiatus in this long history because the vineyards did not survive the phylloxera plague in the 19th century that destroyed all the Malbec wines in the region.

Replanted in the 1970s thanks to Bernard Pons, Pech de Jammes quickly acquired the status of Grand Vin Seigneur and its reputation spread throughout France and abroad. However, the estate went through a period of neglect in the late 90s after a series of uncommitted owners.
Then Thomas Chardard, a "garagiste" from the automotive industry and childhood friend of Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux, fell in love with this "garage wine" and initiated a renaissance in 2008… He had originally bee, looking for a house to buy in the Cahors region, and ended up falling in love with this wine estate showed to him by his friend.
He enthusiastically agreed to accept the challenge of making fine wine there with his wife, Nelly.

An ambitious programme was defined and major work undertaken the following spring with technical support from Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux: the vines were trained differently, the area under vine reduced, Tannat vines were grubbed up of so that only Malbec remained, and new oak barrels were introduced.

A new chapter in the history of Château Pech is being written and the wines are now concentrated, complex, full of fruit, and a pure delight to wine lovers everywhere.

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